Natives & Wildflowers

Spider Milkweed
"Texas State Plant"-Prickly Pear
Escarpment Black Cherry
"Nature Walk"
Autumn Sage
Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
Texas Wildflowers
"The Ripening" - Pecan
Blue Curls
Colorado Blue C
Skyrocket Gilia
Indian Paintbrush
Golden Columbine
Fringed Puccoon
Texas Bluebonnet
Mexican Hat
Texas Verain
Texas Paintbrush
Slender-Stem Bitterweed
Yaupon & Possumhaw
"Hanging On"
Pink Evening Primrose
"Hanging On II" Passionflower
Prairie Fleabane
Giant Spiderwort
Native Wild Poinsettia
Square-Bud Primrose
Indian Breadroot
Moss Branch
Moss Bark
Milkweed Seedpod
Golden Rain Tree Pod
Blue-eyed Grass
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Texas Wildflowers

Handcrafted Limited Edition (50) Accordion Book containing six archival gicleés of Texas wildflowers. h9.25" x w6.75" ($250) Mesquite Wood Covers by Victor Summers Lasered with common name, latin name, edition # and my signature. Available for Purchase